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Poor Ol' Harry Sack - by Brian Kennedy

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Meet Harry. likeable. Lover. Loser. A good day for Harry means not getting struck by lightning. His life is on long gamble. Not saying he's unlucky - but he hasn't a thing since 1973. Spurred on by the memory of his jinxed grandfather - who lost his life to a dodgy set of fairy lights one Christmas Eve, Harry pursues his hopeless dream of striking it rich in the city of sin - Las Vegas.

Along the way he blackmails a loan shark, starts a near lethal home brew operation, and manages to get kidnapped by a local devil worshipping satanic cult!

From the author of "Confessions Of An Exeter City Nut" comes a story of the most unluckiest gambler in the entire northern hemisphere. What some people call losing - Harry calls life.

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